The successful businesses you admire exist as they do because the owners kept pushing.

They kept working, growing and learning past every bit of frustration, doubt and roadblock. They have all been in the place you currently are and they persevered past it.

I know because I did it.

I lived the entrepreneurial dream of building a successful business.

As a freshman in college, I saw a need in a booming niche industry. Without the knowledge of how to run a business or manufacture a product and less than $3,000 to get it going, I launched a handbag company targeting knitters.

I built the company cold-calling every knitting store my search results turned up–day after day, year after year.

I designed the bags, shipped the wholesale and online orders, attended consumer shows to shake the hands of my customers, personally answered every email and gave attention to each return. I tested different types of promotions for best results, grew with the quick changes of social media and constantly worked to improve my products, processes and every little detail of the company.

I problem-solved to minimize the losses from bad production runs, made the tough decisions that tie one’s stomach in a knot and battled the downturn of the economy.

For fourteen years I cultivated a company and brand that became recognized and respected in the knitting industry.

Today I use my experiences to help passionate small business owners set goals,
create the strategies to reach those goals and sit beside them as they make it happen.

Let my successes be the shortcut to your successes.