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Author: Jordana

5 Tips for Better Product Photography

Having crisp and clear photos of your products is so important. In this online world, product photography is your only chance to convey the quality of your product when clients can’t touch and feel them before they buy.

While professional photography is ideal, it might not be feasible for a new business to make the investment just yet. So, it’s helpful to have a few photography tricks up your sleeve until you can outsource. Here are my best tips for better product photography that you can do yourself.

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Idea to Market: 6 Resources for Manufacturing Your Products

When that big idea hits, it’s hard to know where to start to turn it into a product. You know you need a manufacturer, but don’t know a thing about finding one.

Manufacturing is intimidating. It’s a necessary step that must be conquered in order to turn your product idea into a business. For product-based businesses, it is undoubtedly one of the biggest barriers to starting.

With patience and persistence, it can be overcome. The journey won’t be easy. You will make mistakes, major investments and learn a lot about the world of manufacturing extremely fast.

Whether you’ve been making your products yourself up until now or are starting with an idea, this list will get you started on your search.

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Three Steps to Taking Your Business to the Next Level

You’re building your business from the ground up–you ambitious-go-getter, you.

You’re being prudent in your spending, getting your hands dirty doing every task you know how to do and learning quickly how to do those you don’t.

You’ve got grit that would even impress Gary Vaynerchuck.

Yet despite the growth and successes in your business, you’ve trapped yourself in the “I’m a little business” mindset you had when you first started.

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Grow Your Business With The Resources & Skills You Already Have

You’ve likely heard the quote by Theodore Roosevelt, “comparison is the thief of joy.”

It is the thief of joy. It’s also the thief of success.

Comparison often leads to a list of excuses that can prevent us from reaching our goals.

Have you ever looked at a competitor or similar business and said, “she’s more successful because she has x, y and z and I don’t have that. That’s why she’s successful and I’m not”? She has an education, no kids, an investor, a celebrity connection, artistic talents, an engaging personality, money to hire a professional photographer or whatever it may be.

Her set of circumstances and talents is different than yours, but she’s not successful because her set is better or more profitable.

She’s successful because she’s figured out how to use what she has. She’s been able to take her unique set circumstances and turn them into advantages.

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Best Practices for Growing and Maintaining Your Mailing List

Your mailing list enables you to build trust, keep you connected to customers, communicate the purpose and brand of your company, and dramatically increase your sales.

It’s one of the most effective marketing tools you have.

If you aren’t seeing results from your mailings, it’s time for an overhaul. Here are five checks for your mailing list strategy.

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