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Author: Jordana

Using Your Mailing List to Increase Revenue

There’s only one area I wish I had given more attention to when I started my handbag business–growing my mailing list.

It took me years and many missed opportunities before I recognized my mailing list as one of the most valuable assets of my business.

A mailing list gives you the ability to directly communicate with customers who want to hear from you, create relationships and generate income on demand. It is one of the most powerful business tools you have.

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Three Steps to Business Success

After 14 years of managing and growing my handbag business, I made the decision to close it.

My customers were sad and expressed their desire for me to continue. It was nice to know my company and products would be missed.

Sadness was never an emotion I felt from the decision, though. How could I be sad about being successful? I accomplished my goals.

My handbags were never sold in a major department store, I never had employees and the business never hit seven figures in a year.

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How to Get New Customers Without Using Social Media

Social media is not your business. Well if you’re Mark Zuckerberg it is, but I’m guessing you’re not him.

Somehow as business owners, we got brainwashed into thinking social media is our business.

Somehow running our businesses have turned into focusing on growing our list of followers, getting more likes on posts and having a presence on every social media platform. We even put links to social media on our websites and icons on our promotional materials–valuable locations we would charge any other company an advertising fee for.

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From a 9 to 5 Job to Entrepreneurship: How to Make the Transition

For years as an entrepreneur, I wondered what was the “thing” that made a business successful. What was the secret that successful business owners weren’t sharing with the rest of us? Was it a lucky break? Financial backing? A good connection to a powerful person?

Sure, each of those would be helpful, but the real “secret” is doing the work.

We can take courses, read articles and fill our heads with knowledge, but until we put it all into action with our full effort, it’s useless information.

As humans, we use excuses as crutches to building the businesses we dream of–“I’m too tired to build my business when I get home from work, I’m not educated, I have kids, I don’t have enough money” and the list goes on.

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