There was a time I seriously considered deleting the blog of my handbag business.

It ate up so much of my time. I felt like all I was doing was either planning, writing, editing, photographing or promoting a post. It was a never-ending cycle.

In my frustration, I drilled down my website stats to figure out if all my work was worth it. Turns out, I had some posts that were driving a lot of great traffic to my website. Looks like the blog would stick around.

If I was going to keep at it, I needed to figure out a strategy.

I wanted to be able to create fewer posts, but make every post as effective and worth my time as those select few.

In this video, I’ll share with you the three most important elements that make up that strategy and I’ll help you decide if blogging is right for your product-based business.

If you decide blogging is a marketing strategy you want to utilize, download my free PDF worksheet below this video. It’s a list of blog post ideas specifically for product-based businesses.

After watching the video, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Then watch the second part here.

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download the worksheet


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What key elements do you think increase the chances of a blog post getting shared?

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Watch the Video

Part 2

Two Blogging Strategies That Won’t Cost a Dime

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