How to Create a Successful Giveaway on Social Media
How can you create big bursts of new followers on social media and subscribers of your mailing list?

Giveaways and contests.

They’re a marketer’s hack to boosting growth.

Plus, they create buzz around your business and engage your existing following.

Whether you’re hosting a giveaway on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or through your mailing list, there are some key ingredients you’ll need for the campaign to be successful and boast big growth.

Watch the video below for the fundamentals of a successful giveaway or contest.

Be sure to download my free PDF available below this video. It’s a list of 15 contest and giveaway ideas that will excite and delight your customers.


Tell me about a successful giveaway you hosted. What made it so successful. Or tell me about a giveaway that completely flopped. What went wrong?