3 Reasons Your Products Aren't Selling (and how to fix it)
You had this amazing idea for your next product. You knew it was going to sell fast. After countless days of research, planning, sourcing and development, you were finally able to launch it.

Pop the champagne!

With excitement, you added it to your website. You’ve been promoting it with every bit of gusto you have and yet the sales of this great product have been so slow.

The fire burning inside you has turned into a stab in your heart and fear in your gut.

What went wrong and how are you going to get that inventory to move?

There are numerous reasons why your product may not be selling and it’s likely a combination of a few. For this video, I’m going to focus on three possible reasons.

Watch the video to determine what they are, how to know if they apply to your business and most importantly, how to fix it.

We’ll be referring to your website stats from Google Analytics for analysis and problem solving. If all those numbers aren’t your thing, download the free PDF worksheet below the video to help you through it.


What’s your product and what problem does it solve?